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Welcome! Irasshaimase!

OtakuYou Anime Costumes

is a professionally-run

anime costuming service catering

to the otakus of the world.

Each high quality

costume is made with

care in construction,

appropriate materials,

and attention to detail.

Order yours today!
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Recent developments:

* 6/29/2002 Only two more orders will be accepted for Otakon.

* 6/20/2002 Only a few more orders will be accepted for completion in time for Otakon.

Contact/ Ordering Information:

Send Email to:

Seamstress Leilani

About the Sample Costume
Ryoga Costume includes:

+ a custom fitted mustard-color cotton shirt
+ sewn (not glued) yellow trim around collar and
+ adjustable (button, snap or velcro, buyer's
choice) cuffs and collar
+ styled Ryoga black wig*
+ imported red chinese-style umbrella*
+ black cotton or silk pants*
+ woven rope ties for legs, for the authentic
+ chinese martial artist shoes*(trademark of
+ thick cloth or elastic tie for waist
+ one or more headbands, patterned front with solid- color lining on the back.

* denotes something optional.

Made by OtakuYou Costumes. Seen at Otakon 2001.

Have questions about ordering, payment, or costume description or construction time?
Contact Seamstress Leilani